Garcinia vs. Raspberry Ketones – Full Comparison

Garcinia vs. Raspberry Ketones – Full Comparison

It really is tough to lose weight. The problem is that bodies tend to settle at certain weights, and most diets just tend to lend to more fatigue than they do weight loss. Studies have proven that people who tend to diet often keep having a harder time losing weight.

This may be because the brain gets confused and thinks it is being starved. The brain wants to do everything that it can to hold onto as much fat as possible, and the metabolism actually slows down and makes it harder to lose weight.

However, it is possible to get diets back on track with some natural solutions. Today we are looking head to head with two extremely popular weight loss pills: Raspberry ketones and Garcinia cambogia.

Both of these substances send the brain and body the right signals to give any diet a bit of a boost. They also help people feel energized and upbeat during the dieting process.

A Look At Raspberry Ketone For Diets
These substances increase production of a chemical called adiponectin, so more of it is available in the blood. This is one of the proteins that helps the brain regulate a body’s metabolism, the rate of burning fat. This particularly pertains to the metabolism of the fatty acids contained in cells.

The more of this chemical that exists in the blood, the better the body is able to burn fat and empty the fat cells out. This process is scientifically called lipolysis.

As the name suggests, raspberry ketones are found in red raspberries. So why do we need a pill for it? Why not just munch on raspberries all day long and stay fit and slim? Well, it is just that one would have to eat an awful lot of these berries to get a concentrated supply of the ketones. So purchasing it in a form of a supplement is much more convenient and – in the end – much cheaper.

Are Raspberry Ketones Safe To Take
When taken according to the instructions on the supplement, this is generally regarded as safe for most people. Because it acts like a stimulant, it makes some people feel a bit jittery and may even increase blood pressure. People with health conditions should talk to their doctors. People who experience any symptoms may want to cut their dosage or stop taking it before they speak with a doctor as well.

Garcinia Cambogia For Diets
Garcinia Cambogia is another substance that has gotten a lot of press lately. It is extracted from the rind of the fruit of a plant, so it is a totally natural and plant-based supplement. In the lands where this plant grows, it has long been used as a remedy, but it is now gotten a lot of attention as an aid to weight loss.

This extract is also considered an aid to digestion as it helps empty the bowels but also helps prevent loose stools. Some also consider it a performance enhancing supplement. Most of the time it comes marketed in weight loss aids, and sometimes it comes in the same supplement as raspberry ketones.

It is also considered safe for most people when consumed orally according to the instructions on packaging. A very few people have reported negative side effects like stomach upset, nausea, and headaches. Some say these go away after the body adjusts, but anybody with a preexisting medical condition would be wise to report these problems to a doctor.

Together For Weight Loss?
It seems that both of these supplements should be good for weight loss. The raspberry ketones help increase metabolism, or the rate the body uses energy. At the same time, the Garcinia extract helps people feel more full to keep them from eating so much. That doesn’t mean you should take them both at the same time, however you could make a good cycle that implements both these and have just the right amount of both in your body at all time.

By eating less food and burning more fat, weight loss should finally get a bit easier for people who struggle with low energy and food cravings. This might provide the extra boost that a dieter needs to succeed. Some dieters who were very frustrated because they were stuck at a diet plateau said that this was just the extra boost that they needed to get the scale moving in the right direction once again.

Is this combination effective?
Most people say that it helps their other weight loss efforts. To stay healthy and get lean, people should also try to enjoy some healthy exercise and follow a sensible diet with plenty of lean protein, produce, and healthy fiber.

If people just take a supplement with these products and don’t try to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, it may not do much good. However, that doesn’t mean dieters have to starve themselves or spend hours exercising every day.

About 20 to 30 minutes a day of activity is suggested to begin. With that, dieters should try to include six or seven servings of vegetables and fruit a day. It is amazing how hard it is to eat unhealthy snacks between all of those servings of produce.

Here’s a comparison table of Garcinia Cambogia vs. Raspberry Ketone with the main data, effects, prices etc.

Main compound Adiponectin HCA (Hydroxycitric acid)
How it works? boosts metabolism suppresses appetite
blocks carbohydrates
Possible side effects minor minor to none
Combination stacks With colon cleansing pills:
With colon cleansing pills:

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