V-Tight Gel Reviews 2019 & Buyers Guide – Claims vs Facts

V-Tight Gel Reviews 2019 & Buyers Guide – Claims vs Facts

V Tight Gel
Loose vagina can ruin healthy relationships, a fact which cannot be denied, because sexual satisfaction is an important component of flourishing relationships. Vagina loses its elasticity due to many reasons like baby birth by normal vaginal delivery, age changes, menopause and obesity. The confidence level of a female can be decreased as she is not able to please her partner and the threshold required for orgasm is also increased. 
So there are many problems due to loose vagina.
Here’s a question which may come to many women's minds. Is there any solution for loose vagina?
The answer is luckily “Yes”.
There are many products available now in the market to fix this problem, however, it is another problem that most of them don’t deliver what they claim. Nevertheless, V-Tight Gel has been admired and recommended by many users to fix a loose vagina, read on to find out claims vs facts about this product in detail.

What is V-Tight Gel? - Overview

v tight gel bottle
V-Tight Gel is a non-invasive method to regain the elasticity of vagina. It helps in regaining the strength of vagina without any surgery. The product helps you to regain elastic and tight vagina naturally. It works by contracting the vaginal wall and bringing it back into its normal shape. It also helps you to moisturize, revitalize the vagina. All the ingredients are completely natural without any chemical modification. It might be the most effective formulation for rejuvenating and long lasting effects on vaginal elasticity.
It also works on increasing the tone of vaginal wall. To achieve this goal, it stimulates vaginal wall to secrete natural lubricants and reduce the vaginal dryness. V-Tight Gel can be a wise and excellent choice for improving the sexual life and increasing the vaginal health status.

Formula of V-Tight Gel - What Makes it Special?

The main components are extracted from the plant source. The gel is purely natural. It is devoid of harmful chemicals Each of the components has the different mode of action, which synergically produce a powerful combined effect on vagina.

Three Main Ingredients

Manjakani: It comes from the family of oak tree. It is mostly found in excess in Malaysia. In India, it is known by the name “ Mazhupal”.
Manjakani tree
  • It works as a muscle constrictor when applied topically. 
  • It also helps to decrease the discharge from vagina. 
  • It kills bacteria and fungus, so it also helps in removing the unpleasant odour and itching from vaginal wall. 
  • The extract is rich in antioxidants, which helps to prevent the cervical cancer as well. 
One precaution is needed, if you are pregnant then don’t use Manjakani. It may cause miscarriage.
Tannins: This phytochemical is very potent. It has the property to reach the epithelial wall of the vagina and makes them rigid and the vagina is tightened in a beautiful way like it was never lose.
It has estrogenic properties. Which helps to constrict the skin, increase blood flow to the area where it is applied. The increased blood supply makes the nutrient to reach sufficiently to the applied area. It also helps to maintain the level of collagen and elastin. These two are the connective tissues which help to increase the elasticity of loose vagina.
This extract has been given for centuries after the delivery as soon as bleeding from vagina stops.
Witch Hazel: It also acts as a vaginal tightener. The extract from this plant was used as a soothing agent after childbirth. It was also used to reduce the swelling as well. It mainly acts on skin to make it tighten.
Other actions are constriction of dilated veins and stoppage of bleeding.

Other Ingredients are:

v tight gel ingredients
  • Arginine: It increases the blood flow to the clitoris and vaginal tissue. Increased blood flow makes them more sensitive for sexual stimulation and decrease threshold of orgasm. Study also claims that use of arginine in postmenopausal women increases the number of orgasms and increased sexual response. It increases the libido.
  • Citric Acid: Vagina is at best when the acidic pH is maintained. It prevents infection and helps to grow the normal flora. So Citric acid helps to maintain the pH for proper functioning of vaginal flora and vaginal mucosa. 
  • Sodium Benzoate: It acts as a lubricant. It does not irritate the vaginal mucosa. It also has estrogen mimicking properties. It is the safest and non irritant preservative for water based solutions. It is non toxic and helps to preserve the components for a longer duration upto 2 years. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties. 
  • Sodium PCA: It acts as a natural preservative and moisturizer.

How To Apply V-Tight Gel?

It is very easy to apply. The method used is non-invasive. You don't need any training or expertise to use the product. The product comes in colorless and odorless form, so it is quite easy to apply. All you need to do is to follow some simple steps.
  • 1
    Before applying the gel, you need to sanitize your hands. Wash your hands with soaps and use disinfectant lotion for extra caution. If you skip this step then you may end up with vaginal infections like vaginitis, Urinary tract infections, vaginal discharge, etc. As the vaginal wall is very sensitive to the foreign organism. You can also use sterile gloves before applying the gel. Otherwise washing hands with clean water is also sufficient.
  • 2
    Place a small amount of gel on your fingertips. Do not pour much of the gel on your hands otherwise, you will end up with wasting some of it.
  • 3
    Now insert the finger into your vagina that has V tight gel on it. After inserting the fingers into the vagina just massage gently in the inner wall of the vagina.
  • 4
    Just make sure to spread it as much as possible to get the good results. Repeat the complete procedure twice a day.

Safety Factor - Is it really safe?

Safety comes first before applying any product to your body part. If the body part is private as the vagina, then safety should not be compromised at any cost.
safety first
V-Tight Gel consists of all the natural ingredients that are tested for their safety. The combination of the natural formulations makes the product free from any side effect. The product is directly extracted from the sources and purified for impurities. There is not any modification or change done in the product. It is completely natural and free from impurities. These natural ingredients have been used for decades in Asian Countries. All the ingredients are claimed to be completely safe. If you are considering surgery then you must first try the product not only because of its cost factor but the time required to heal from surgery is also long enough.


  • It helps to regain the elasticity of loose vagina. It also acts as lubricant. So it can be used during intercourse with condom.
  • It prevents the dryness of vagina. 
  • It increases the local defense system of vagina against pathogenic organisms. The pH level is maintained at optimum level.
  • It makes the intercourse pleasing. 
  • The product is suitable for all. It can be used at any age.
  • The risk of cervical cancer is reduced “due to its antioxidant properties”.
  • It is applied locally, So there is no risk of systemic side effects.
  • It has water based formulation. So it does not ruin your fancy sheets.
  • It can be used as lubricating agent before intercourse.


  • It can not be applied during pregnancy because the risk of miscarriage is there. 
  • Some of the ingredients may be allergic rarely. So it is recommended to use it carefully and note down any allergic response of vaginal mucosa.
  • It is not the permanent treatment like surgery. You need to apply it for a longer duration of time. 
  • It can not be used during lactation and menstruation period.

Function Of V-Tight Gel

  • It helps to regain the elasticity of vagina that was lost due to childbirth.
  • It reverse the hormonal changes that cause the atrophy and loosening of the vaginal wall.
  • Reduces the threshold of orgasm. And make it easier to achieve orgasm for a female.
  • It does ensure the vaginal wall to contract when you are turned on. It does respond very well to sexual arousal.
  • It gives you and your partner a very pleasing sexual experience and helps you to get rid of surgery and other medications.
  • It helps to decrease bad odour and vaginal discharge. If you are suffering from leucorrhoea then this is the safest product for you. 
  • V-Tight Gel helps to prevent infections and dryness of vagina. As vagina has acidic secretions which are essential to keep it free from any bacterial, fungal or viral infections. Dryness of the vagina can be an invitation for pathogenic organisms. So it acts as a barrier to the infectious organisms.

Does V Tight Gel Has Any Side Effects?

Though all the ingredients are completely natural but there are also some preservatives and base formulations, so side effects can occur in rare cases if any woman’s body is allergic to those particular ingredients.
All though we have not seen any of women got any side effects till now.!
In order to test, whether the product is completely safe for you or not, it is recommended to use a small amount in smaller area. If any hypersensitivity reaction occurs then product should be discontinued.
Precaution: Product should be avoided during pregnancy and menstruation. As chances of miscarriage and infection are there. It is because of hormone mimicking activity of ingredients used.

How is V-Tight Gel Helpful?

Normal Vaginal Delivery is the main cause of developing a loose vagina. The loss of elasticity of the vagina is directly related to the number of babies born through vaginal delivery. If the number of babies born through the vagina is multiple then the chances of loosening of the vagina are also high. If you go for a surgical process to restore the elasticity then chances of complication are high. But if you try a natural technique to restore the loose vagina then nothing is better than that.
how to tighten your vag overnight
V-Tight Gel is a natural way to restore the elasticity of vagina and you don't have to worry about the complications. It is very easy to use and affordable too. V-Tight Gel is the product that fills your relationship with affection and love. It makes you feel like you are still dating.

What’s Special About V Tight Gel - What Makes it Work?

The product claims to guarantee quick results. It doesn't depend on the response of women sensitivity. It follows all phenomenon. It works on every age. It does not depend whether you are in thirty or beyond fifties. V-Tight Gel definitely works on each vagina regardless of the age of women and number of babies she gave birth via normal vaginal delivery or via episiotomy.
V-Tight Gel is equally effective for every woman and there is not any similar  product available in the market as effective and safe for tightening of the vaginal wall. Natural ingredients make it safe, effective and unique. It does not irritate the skin and also safe to use with condoms.
If you apply it some time before the intercourse then the results are claimed to be appreciably awesome. It might be embarrassing for some women to buy such a product because of privacy concerns. But the company has taken care of this issue very well. Once you order it online then the product is delivered to your doorstep in a DISCREET and GENERIC PACKING.

Effects of V-Tight Gel on Women health

  • It assures the friction that is required for lovemaking. The friction is an essential component for the climax of intercourse.
  • It helps to build a strong relationship with your partner via satisfactory sexual intercourse.
  • The product is very easy to use. Women don't have to go out for a procedure. It is a kind of DIY at home treatment.
  • It helps to raise the confidence level of women. As a woman with children and tight vagina makes a woman confident and happy.
  • It maintains vaginal hygiene. It helps to prevent infection by the antibacterial and antifungal properties. These properties are in the natural ingredients itself. 
  • It helps to maintain the optimum pH level of vagina that promotes the growth of vaginal flora and also prevents infection. 
  • Sodium benzoate has estrogen mimicking properties. It helps to maintain the optimum level of sensitivity to sexual stimulus.
  • Libido is increased which is great for a woman as well as her partner. 
  • Libido is increased which is great for a women as well as her partner. 
  • The risk of cervical cancer is decreased.
  • Vaginal wall and clitoris sensitivity is increased. A women can enjoy her sexual life even after post menopausal period.

Why It Should Be preferred over other available Options:

It can be the best and safest option available in the market for tightening the vagina. Here are some other options available and the reasons, why V-Tight Gel is the best choice?
  • Surgery: It requires very long time to recover from surgery. Other postoperative complications like deep vein thrombosis and post op sepsis might be there. V-Tight gel is free from such risks. And its other benefits like vaginal hygiene and cost effectiveness overcome the surgery. The gel is simple to use, carry and apply. The product is odourless and colourless. So you don’t need to worry about staining of clothes and offensive smell.
  • Laser Vaginal Tightening: The procedure is less invasive as compared to surgery but the time for complete recovery is almost one year. On other hand with V-Tight Gel, you can continue your healthy sexual life & the treatment duration is also less. It can be a permanent way to get rid of loose vagina but the duration of treatment is very much longer. 
  • Other Gels: Other gels might cause side effects that are very harmful for such a sensitive area, as you look closely at the ingredients then the common things in them are synthetic chemicals. Which can cause side effects more than the benefits. Other might be available with natural ingredients but such a precise combination of natural ingredients is tough to find. Once you go for a thorough research then you will find that V-Tight Gel is the safest and more effective than others.
  • Kegel Exercise: It is also good practice for vagina. But it takes a lot of time. Kegel Exercise is easy to do, but the time consumption is very much. It takes a lot of time to get the required results. If you have a very busy life and you are not dedicated to do any type of exercise then V-Tight Gel is perfect option. As it is easy to use and it takes very less time to apply.

Are You A Potential Candidate Or Not?

Who can use it?

If you are planning to buy the product then you need to ask yourself some questions, in order to know whether you are the perfect candidate to use the product or not.
can i use v-tight gel
  • If you are committed to use the product on daily basis. Because to get the maximum benefits, you need to apply it on daily basis. Twice a day, in morning and in the evening for the best outcome.
  • Look for each ingredients of the product and confirm if you are allergic to any of the ingredient. If you are allergic then better avoid to purchase it and look for other alternative.
  • If you have any congenital problem like urinary incontinence or rectal prolapse. Then avoid buying the product. As surgery may be required to correct the core pathology.
  • The gel is not beneficial in case of bladder prolapse. It is advised to visit your doctor in such scenario. 
  • If you have gone recent vaginal delivery with episiotomy then avoid using it. As in case of perineum tear, if you are using it then it will affect the healing process. In such case you would either need surgery to tighten your vagina or you can wait and use it later
  • If you and your partner is ok with the loose vagina then why bothering about fixing something if nothing is broken.
If you have ruled out all the issues listed above and nothing fits you. Then you are the potential candidate for using V-Tight Gel.

How Long Does The Effect Last?

v tight gel better long sex
There are broadly two types of effects; one is short term and another is long term.
  • As soon as you apply the V-Tight Gel, it works within few minutes.
  • Applying it before 10 minutes gives great and very pleasing results.
  • It is recommended to have intercourse only after the vagina is tighten maximally for good results and great sexual experience.
  • The short term effect lasts for approximately hours. But there are some reports of effect for the entire day.
If you are using the product for a longer duration like months then it will make your vagina to sustain the elasticity for longer duration of time.
  • Using V Gel for long term makes the vagina sensitive for it and the time for sustained elasticity keeps on increasing. Like once you started to use the product then the elasticity will remain for hours. But for continuous use the time for which vagina remains elastic increase from one hour to several hours. It may increase upto entire day as well. 
  • The natural elasticity of vagina is completely restored after using it for a longer period.
  • The vaginal opening shrinks slowly and it is remained as such for a longer duration.
  • The amount and frequency of usage of gel can be decreased after months of continuous usage without affecting the gained elasticity.
The gel also helps to tighten the vaginal lips, not only the vaginal wall.

Pricing & Purchase Options

Once you decided to go for this then you might be having 3 questions
  1. What is the best price?
  2. Where can I buy v tight gel?
  3. How to order online?

1] What is the best price?

V Tight Gel free trial offers not available but they comes up with really easy & affordable pricing option so that every women can afford to buy without any second thought for cost.

Here are the V Tight Gel Packages options

  • 1 Package: 1 Month @$39.95
  • 3 Packages: Buy 2 Month Get 1 Month Free (3 Months) @$79.90
  • 5 Packages: Buy 3 Month Get 2 Month Free (5 Months) @$119.85
v tight gel best offer
As this is currently the best limited time offer and this may change very soon. So if you are looking any discount code or anything then don’t worry for that, you simply don’t need any coupon code rather need to select this direct official offer to get V Tight Gel at best price.

2] Where can I buy v tight gel?

V-Tight Gel is available in most of the countries like UK, US, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico and many other countries as well because company is able to deliver product worldwide. You can buy the product from the official website of the product. The product comes with 100 percent 90 days money back guarantee.
Here you need to know that V-Tight Gel ONLY selling product from their official website only.
V tight gel don’t sell product offline nor on any online stores e.g. amazon, Walmart, ebay, CVS, etc. – THIS IS FAKE SUPPLIER TO STAY AWAY!
NOTE: The 2 FREE bottle offer is direct company’s deal and also you will get 90 days money back guarantee only when you have purchased through their own website, it’s because company don’t sell anywhere else so they can’t guarantee for those fake product.

3] How to order online?

We got email from many women every singe day asking about how to get original v tight gel product? and this is why we have prepared here step by step guideline to explain in more easy manners.
Here are the 3 simple step to order online;
1] Go to official website
2] Fill the order details
3] Choose your package, Add billing information & place order
Step 1
Go to the v tight gel official website right here in order to get original product at best price deal. 2 FREE Bottle on Best Pack!
how to order v tight gel

Step 2
Kindly fill the right side form – “VIEW PACKAGES” and click on SHOW PACKAGES button.
v tight gel official website

Step 3
1 - Choose your package
2 - Select a shipping option
3 - Add billing information
4 - Click on RUSH MY ORDER Button
v tight gel price


It is time to stop feeling shame about your body. V-Tight gel gives you an opportunity to regain the elasticity of loose vagina like it was during 20s. If you are considering to save money, bypass the side effects of surgery then V-Tight Gel is the product of choice for you. There is not any side effect of using the product because of natural, non- toxic ingredients. It is cost- effective method to tighten the vaginal wall. The product is great for short term and long term effects. It helps to make intercourse a very pleasing experience. And long lasting effects are also good for vaginal health. A tight vagina is possible after menopause and after delivering the baby. You can try the product, and results will explain further. In fact, it is better than many other options!